RBJ is the leading provider of software services for settlement companies.

As an independently owned software development company, we design, develop, license, and support all our real estate closing and settlement software and services. Independence allows us flexibility in design, quick response to industry and technology changes, and a primary commitment to you - our clients.

This commitment includes providing best-in-the-business software and unmatched client support. We do this by knowing and involving ourselves in the industry, keeping abreast of the latest and best technology, and by establishing real relationships and great communication with our clients.

Talbrook II Escrow Corp has worked with RBJ Software, Inc. for well over 10 years providing us with a wonderful array of software solutions while providing our customers with Excellent Customer Service.
— John R. Goodwin ( Director of Operations, Talbrook II Escrow Corporation )


In 1984 Ray Bence worked for an accounting firm that was engaged in the audit of a Southern California escrow company. Personal computers had just come on the scene and escrow officers were telling Ray how they wished there was software to handle their escrow trust accounting in-house.

With the help of John Booth, a computer programmer and friend from college, the software development process began and Ray formed RBJ Computer Systems, Inc. with his employers Barry and Jim, using the initials of all three as the company name. Shortly thereafter, Ray bought out his former employers and continued as the company’s president and owner. The name was later changed to better reflect who we are and what it is we bring to the Escrow/Closing and Title industry.  Thirty years later, RBJ Software, Inc. has become a premier escrow and title software company. Ray attributes this to the RBJ team.

I believe we are the leading provider of software and services for the settlement service industry because of the people who work at RBJ,” he said. “We’ve been able to not only design and develop software that can’t be matched, but provide service and support that puts us at the top of the market.”
— Ray Bence ( Co-Founder and President of RBJ Software, Inc. )