Frequently Asked Questions

Do you license per person or per office?

A license is per office, with various license sizes available -- Single User, Small Business, and Multi User. A Single User is good for 1 concurrent log-in, and can be installed on a stand-alone computer or on a network, with 1 concurrent user access. A Small Business license allows a maximum of 3 concurrent log-ins. The Multi User license is for an office with 4 or more employees. This is a great value - as business increases and you add more employees, you will not have to buy additional RBJ software licenses if you have a Multi User license.


Where is the software installed? Does RBJ host it?

The software can be hosted, or installed on the client’s hardware. RBJ does not host, but can refer you to a host provider if needed.


What is RBJ Online?

RBJ Online is our all inclusive pay-per-escrow subscription. With a low initial investment and a small per escrow charge, you’ll have a subscription for RBJ’s Escrow Processing Software, Electronic Trust Account Service, SDN List Access, 1099-S Processing Service, and options for Positive Pay Data Transmission, Bank Reconciliation, and DocuSign integration. The software is installed on a secure server and accessed through the internet.


What is the difference between Electronic Trust Account Service and RBJx-e Trust Account Processing Software License?

Electronic Trust Account Service (ETAS) is a service offered by RBJ for the daily and monthly processing of your trust accounting. With the service, all the daily trust account activity (receipts, checks, wires in, wires out, fee activity, etc.) is electronically transmitted to RBJ. RBJ’s ETAS department will process all activity and post to the ledgers, calling your company with any questions or discrepancies. The reports are available, typically the next morning, as .pdf documents for your viewing and/or printing.

RBJx-e Trust Account Processing Software License is a license for those that wish to do their own daily and monthly trust account processing. The software is installed on your (or your host provider’s) hardware and someone at your office will be trained and be responsible for doing your daily and monthly trust account processing, including reviewing, posting, and printing.


How can I see a product demonstration?

RBJ is happy to provide a product demonstration. This can be done in person or online. Please contact the Sales Dept. via email or telephone (800.725.9725) to arrange.


What kind of support do I get?

RBJ’s software and services, including RBJOnline, come with unlimited technical support. Your call will be answered by a friendly operator and transferred to one of a number of our professional technical support staff.  We do not use ticket numbers.


Who are your clients?

RBJ’s clients are companies large and small. An office may have one user in a single location or multiple users in multiple office locations. Our client base is made up of independent escrow companies, broker owned (in-house) companies, and title companies.